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  Studio Packages - Special Offers:
        Saturday Jam Session
        Weekend Cram Session

        Custom Sessions

  General Policies


Special Offers 

It's really quite simple. . . you must record to become a recording artist, not just talk about it.


No Gear, no problem. We'll make it easy for you, there are high quality studio drums, so you don't have to cart your kit. Bring your favorite snare and ride cymbal or whatever. We can get a vast array of great guitar sounds thru our equipment, so you can leave you amps at home as well. We have keyboards to capture your part and high quality samples for almost any sound you can imagine. Do ya want some drum loops, we have Stylus RMX, BFD, Strike, EZ Drummer. . .  For Symphonic Orchestration, East/West Platinum. Piano = Ivory, as well as, Avid's many synthns/epno, Reason and NI Komplete for a host of Synths and other sounds. . . and the list keeps growing. . .

Read on to see how these basic packages work and let us know if you wish for something different. A little chat and we will come up with something that makes sense for you.

Jam Session (6 hours - Special Rate - One time offer per group)
Typically the band arrives at noon. The coffee is brewing as the band gets setup (the drummer is probably adjusting the setup of the studio kit, and setting up his own snare and kick drum pedal) and we get to know each other a bit as the we dial in the sounds. Pour yourself a coffee, or tea, or whatever works best, and we sit down to discuss our plan-of-attack for the day. Then we get going and lay-it-down with caution-to-the-wind. We pick the best takes, and do some edits and composites, add a few overdubs, redo the vocals as needed, or whatever it takes to add the right polish without loosing the vibe. Last thing is Howard does a really quick mix of each song. While the band packs up, Howard posts MP3s of the rough mixes of the songs on the private & secure Groove Jungle FTP site (see FTP Site below for more info). We wrap at 6pm.

It is a great introduction to recording for a young band or an introduction to Howard & the Groove Jungle for a band that is contemplating recording a full-length-CD at the Groove Jungle and are not familiar with our capabilities/reputation. Many bands use this as a low-cost way to get some tunes up on the web to begin to build their fanbase, or to demo their songs to sell investors toward providing a recording budget, or creating a demo CD to provide agents or festivals in order to get gigs. . . It is a great start, and always worthwhile.

Cost: $200 CDN (plus tax, plus materials if required, special one time offer per group, some conditions apply)
Call: 204-228-8981 or Go to Contacts page to send an email

Cram Session (3 days - Special Rate - One time offer per group)  
The band shows up at the studio as scheduled, and we wire up and get things happening. We record over the course of  2 days (approx 10 hours day), and leave the 3rd day to mix and master of the tunes we recorded. The band ends up with a CD master as well as MP3 versions on a private FTP site (see FTP Site below for more info). The Cram Session includes the studio and engineer for the session, and is recorded and mixed using a ProTools HD-4 Accel system (*ProTools systems are not created equally), state-of-the-art mic pres, a great set of mics and mixed with a great selection of plug-ins (all licensed). There's also a sweet sounding drum kit, guitars, amps, keys. . . pretty much everything else you need if you don't want to lug all your gear and wish to save some setup time (extra charges for strings and heads may apply).

The number of songs a band can record in this time varies a great deal, dependant on the level of readiness and perfection of performances sought. Some bands focus on polishing 2 or 3 highly produced songs, lots of double tracking of guitars, stacked harmonies, orchestration, while others will complete a dozen + songs live off the floor and just redo vocals and a few overdubs. There is no one right answer, it depends on the music style, and results you are looking for. Call and we can talk more on it.

Cost: $1,200 CDN (plus tax, plus materials if required, special one time offer per group some conditions apply)
Call 204-228-8981 or Go to Contacts page to send an email  

Special offers - Some Conditions apply. . . 
Of course there are conditions that apply, such as. . . the Special offers such as Cram Session and Saturday Afternoon Jam a one-time-deal, we suspend both these offers whenever a larger project on the go, you have to be nice to the studio pets, use of the GrooveJungle's guitars and drums is welcome but we will ask for some new strings or skins depending on amount of use, you need to be on time, we need to schedule in advance, a deposit is required, full payment is due immediately at the end of the session, rescheduling is fine as long as there is reasonable notice. . . basic common sense stuff. See Groove Jungle - General Policies for addtional information.

Custom Recording Packages 

The Groove Jungle can provide all the required services for production projects of any size or complexity. We have relationships with professionals across all aspects of the business and have accomplished project management capabilities in-house to ensure a plan is developed and your project stays on track. We understand that spending wise is extremely important to the success of a project. We can look after all the details for you, with a turn key solution, or we can provide information to help you do certain aspects yourself, to help reduce your costs.  Please go to the contact page and select "Custom Session" on the email form and provide contact information. We will call with questions and develop a plan with you. We have already experience completing pretty much every type of recording project imaginable, so let us help you.

Groove Jungle - General Policies: 

  1. Sessions start at the times scheduled, so please be on time.
  2. People not directly involved in the recording process are not to be invited to the session without prior consent from the Groove Jungle.
  3. Unprofessional actions or behavior will not be tolerated (never been a problem before, but we are not looking for a first time).
  4. We know everyone's Day-Timer changes from time to time in order for our lives to work, so scheduling changes are acceptable, with reasonable notice, without penalty. However client cancellation of a session with inadequate notice will result in a billing for 1/2 of the scheduled session(s).
  5. Minimum charge for a single session is 2 hrs unless otherwise stated, although this is rarely an issue for a recording project (often for some audio format conversion or mastering a just one song).
  6. Deposit: A deposit is required in advance to guarantee a scheduled booking.
  7. Payment Terms: Acceptable payment methods are cash, certified cheque, a cashier's cheque from a recognized financial institution, or online (method stated on invoice). Small projects and special offers require full payment before the sessions begin. For large projects, a deposit is required as well as weekly progress payments to stay current.
  8. The Groove Jungle retains full ownership of all masters/recordings/audio/video/media/data/materials/etc. . .including the raw multi-track audio, midi data and mix-down masters, until the client has fully honored all obligations.
  9. Additional charges will apply for media such as Backup Tapes, Hard Drives, DVDs or CDR's.
  10. The Groove Jungle does not take responsibility for any aspect of licensing or copyrights whatsoever. The client is responsible for all licensing, copyrights, registration of rights of any kind or obtaining any permissions that may be required or anything related to this matter.
  11. The Groove Jungle does not accept any responsibility for the storage or save keeping of a client’s instruments, equipment, recorded audio, documents, or any other client related materials. While the Groove Jungle does take backup precautions, to help ensure the protection of audio from loss or damage, the Groove Jungle does not accept any liability in the event of a loss due to any cause. While the Groove Jungle can provide several backup options, it is the client's responsibility to assess the associated costs / risks and make the best decision for their specific purposes. The client is responsible to make adequate arrangements for the long term safe-keeping of their recorded audio.
  12. Studio Instruments - There is a high-quality studio drum kit, guitars, FX pedals, amps, keyboards, etc. . .. Artists are welcome to use this equipment, however the client is obligated to cover any costs to return the equipment to its original state after using it. (for eg: pay to replace drums heads if dented, or a portion for wear, new guitar strings, etc. .) and there will be reasonable rental charges for substantial use of this equipment. That being said, the Groove Jungle is not responsible to provide instruments or backline equipment unless agreed to for the specific session, so please don't assume a specific piece of gear is available because you happened to use it or see it here last time.
  13. Settings and techniques used within Recording Software Session files are considered the intellectual property of the Engineer/Studio and therefore Recording Software Session files are not released by the studio. Raw digital multi-track audio and midi files are released on request, as long as all obligations have been honored. Cost for data transfers is the actual time required for file preparation, at the current studio-with-engineer rate.
  14. Clients are made aware of extras costs before they are incurred. Examples of extras costs, include but are not limited to additional equipment or services such as rentals, sticks, strings, drum heads, delivery/couriers, food, travel, musical director, session musicians, producer fee, entertainment, office supplies, various recording/storage media, etc. . .
  15. Clients may provide their own materials (DVDs/CDRs), however please ask before you buy to ensure compatibility with our equipment.
  16. Credits: The client will ensure that : a) there are full credits for any/all work done by/in the Groove Jungle, or by any in-house staff (Producer, Engineer, Musicians, etc. . .). b) Credits are to be reviewed with the Groove Jungle for approval, in advance of publishing this information. c) when requested by the Groove Jungle, a credit will not be published.
  17. Rates: It is our goal to offer the best possible value to our clients. This means different things to different people. We know how to scale ourselves to a client's specific needs, and have the experience it takes to do so with a successful track record. . . so if you need world class production at reasonable rates, or a quick & great sounding demo, we can do either, as well as everything in between. In short, projects and clients are different, so please contact the Groove Jungle for assistance planning your project.
  18. The Groove Jungle General Policies are subject to change from time to time.

Go to the contact page and let us know if you have any further questions.