A Guide to using the Groove Jungle Private FTP site 

Prerequisite: You must have been setup by the Groove Jungle FTP site administrator. . . you will receive an email with your user name and password as well as a link to this information page.

This guideline assumes you are running a PC with a high-speed internet connection such as a cable modem, DSL or T1 and your computer has MS Internet Explorer version 5.0 or version 6.0 as the default browser. Internet Explorer 7 does not work properly. Thanks again Microsoft! See note below for IE 7.0

Please review the steps below and if you need support click on on the contact page and file out the form selecting the "FTP Support Request" option.


1.  Click on www.groovejungle.com to reach the Groove Jungle opening page, and click on the Private FTP Site  link in the center of the Groove Jungle site's opening page. . . . or click on  ftp://groovejungle.serveftp.net for a more direct link (suggestion -  make the FTP address or groovejungle.com a favorite in Internet Explorer for future use)

2.  A login window will open as follows:

3. Enter the User name and Password  the Groove Jungle forwarded by email.

4. Your Private FTP Site will open with the default folders, similar to the example as follows:

Downloading files (transferring from the FTP site to your computer)

Double click to open the folders and reveal the contents.


Recommended Things Not-to-do


Uploading Files (pushing files from your computer to the FTP site)


Other things you can do (dependant on the ftp permissions granted)

You can also create folders, drag files to new folders, rename files and folders etc. . . however don't make a mess because there are likely a few of use sharing the files. You should be able to figure it out on your own. . .normal Windows stuff.

Things not-to-do related to uploading files


Internet Explorer 7.0

Now that you happened upon Internet Explorer 7 with the always wonderful Windows automatic update, the best way to FTP is to Not use Internet Explorer and instead use Windows Explorer. Thanks again Microsoft (the company that keeps finding ways to make things tougher and less reliable). You can start Explorer by right clicking on the start button, and select Explore from the context menu. Then key in ftp://groovejungle.serveftp.net  You should only have to type in ftp and you will be able to select the address from the list after the first time. . . You may need to use the menu item File --> Login As if you need to change the user account you are accessing at the ftp site.